“Methods are very direct and effective”

Before enrolling in Feng Yi’s classes, my EL grades were always in the range of C5-C6, and I never believed that achieving an A1 would be possible. But after a few months, I could gradually feel that her lessons were having a great impact on me, and that I could achieve great results under her coaching.

Fengyi’s coaching methods are very direct and effective. She knows how to help us realise our potential and maximise our strengths. I was then able to focus and not be affected by my weaknesses.  Fengyi is very patient and has the ability to make every student find interest in the subject. Her commitment is deeply felt, and I’m willing to stay back to achieve more with her.

“Taught us compassion and gratitude”

I had never obtained more than a B4 in upper secondary but within months, Feng-Yi taught me so much, and helped me achieve what I thought was impossible. In class, Feng-Yi also shared compelling stories and taught us values such as compassion and gratitude. Her jovial personality always lightens the mood of the lesson no matter how tired students are. Thank you Feng-Yi for all that you have done for me (:

“My parents and I were extremely shocked”

Feng-Yi really helped me with my vocabulary and my grades improved tremendously! Both my parents and I were extremely shocked and of course grateful! With every piece of work handed in, Feng-Yi would sit with me and tell me my errors and what I needed to work on. This was very, very effective and really contributed to my grade transformation. AND OMG I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT MY A1 FOR THE “O”S!! THANK YOU FENGYI!!!! 😀

“My grades instantly shot up”

I would like to thank Feng Yi for always giving advice and helping me in my English essays. My compositions were normally the ones pulling my marks down and giving me grades like borderline C’s and B’s. Never had I gotten an A for English before being coached by Feng Yi. Right after joining her classes in June, my grades instantly shot up to an A2 during my prelims. After that, Feng-Yi managed to change my grade to an A1 within the short four months. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

“Truly Amazed and Delighted”

I am truly amazed and delighted at the progress my daughter Emelyn made after joining Feng-Yi’s lessons. She was TRANSFORMED from a frustrated student who was aware she had potential to do better in EL but did not know how, to a student who was confident she could achieve an ‘A’ grade because she had learnt the art and science (technique) of mastering English. Most importantly, the lessons gave her the faith and reassurance that she can achieve success. That she had enjoyed attending lessons because of the support was worth the time and money. A Big Thank You!

“Thank You Feng-Yi! Love you!”

I have been getting C6 for English since Sec One, but Feng-Yi taught me that English can be taught and improved. After joining her classes, I realized that English is a fun and beautiful language. I would like to thank Feng-Yi. She was not only concerned with my academic results, but also cared about my personal life and gave me a lot of advice. On top of that, under her teaching my English improved from a C6 to an A2. Thank you Feng-Yi! Love you!

“Each child is a diamond”

There are not many apparent changes visible in Ahmad apart from the fact that he now reads across a variety of topics and instead of saying since his lower sec “I want to write”, he actually started writing. Best to describe how Feng-Yi had transformed Ahmad is: each child is a diamond but a diamond is just an unpolished rough rock. It takes a skilled cutter who understands her trade to cut the rock and bring it to shine. That is how Feng-Yi was to Ahmad and I am forever grateful to her and appreciate her professionalism, commitment and dedication. My heartfelt thanks to you Feng-Yi!

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